Who Uses Tax Preparers?

Don’t Most People File Their Own Taxes?

While it’s true that many people will prepare and file their own taxes, more than half of Americans still rely on professional assistance. Many of those who file themselves are also unaware of the savings they are missing, and may believe that it is not worth the cost of a CPA, the perfect opportunity for a trained preparer to fill this gap.

Build Your Skills As A Tax Pro!

Every year companies tell us about how many gazillion dollars we are missing out on with our returns. What if you could help those people capture that lost money, and make as much as $100 per hour for your time? That’s what our tax prep packages set you up for, giving you the training and IRS registration help you need to prepare taxes professionally.

Of course, not everyone will make quite that much, as it can take lots of time and hard work. Our customers consistently succeed, however, making surprisingly good money with relatively minimal effort. This is the perfect way to save, or treat yourself to something outside of your regular budget!

Convenient, Efficient & Profitable

NTO gives you the resources to run an exceptionally professional preparation business. Imagine a shadowy garage door entrance, covered in cobwebs, a secret knock, and handwritten I.O.U.’s for refunds… This isn’t you! Our affiliates can help you create sharp marketing pieces, from business cards to flyers, find office space when you expand, and issue checks printed on site or debit cards for convenience! If you’re serious about making money, National Tax Office is ready to support you.

Join Our Family Of Tax Professionals Today!

We’ll even help you get your preparer’s identification number and electronic filing I.D. from the IRS (EFIN & PTIN!) You’ve probably been thinking about this for a while, give us a call today to find out how simple it is to get started!