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Ancillary Products

Offer revenue-generating ancillary products and generate extra revenue for your tax business.

Revenue Booster

Offer ancillary products such as Audit Protection & Identity Protection and can generate additional revenue for your tax office.

Our ancillary products come with your software. Yes, It's built in! You just have to activate them. It's that simple!

On each of our ancillary products, you can add additional fees (add-on fees) all add-on fees are 100% yours.

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Audit Assistance

It's natural for anyone to feel uncertain about their tax return when they receive an audit notification from IRS. Well, our audit protection works directly with your customers and focuses on helping them through the audit quickly and painlessly. Eliminating any additional burden or stress from you or your tax office.

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ID & Credit Protection

With our ID and Credit Protection product, your customers will receive 365/24x7 cyber-monitoring to ensure that if the customer's ID has been compromised, your customer will know about it. It will also assist in blocking some of the most common tricks thieves use to gain access to client information.

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Our Banking Partners Refund Advantage SBTPG Refundo Republic Bank

Integrated Bank Products

Choose from any of the industry's leading refund transfer banks and start collecting your fees from your customer's refund.

Offer Cash Advance

Attract more customers by offering cash advances as soon as January 2nd.


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