Comprehensive Tax Software for both individuals and corporate returns.

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All the business tax return forms

Individual + Corporate Returns

Prepare both individual and corporate business returns in our all-in-one desktop application.

  • Business Returns

    Prepare forms such as 1120, 1120-S, 1065, 1041, 706, 709, 990, and 5500.

  • Individual Returns

    In addition to business returns, this form-based software will give you access to all 1040 forms as well.

  • All States

    File individual as well as business state tax returns with this comprehensive software.

Simplified Features

In the digital era running Paperless Office is essential. Our Desktop Software will allow you to securely Capture e-Signature, Store and Deliver Documents.

Simplify your Customer Retention process with a built in reporting tool that allows you to quickly build mailing list, extract email and identify customers that have not yet returned.

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Integrated Bank Products

Choose from any of the industry's leading refund transfer banks and start collecting your fees from your customer's refund.

Offer Cash Advance

Attract more customers by offering cash advances as soon as January 2nd.


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