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Refund Transfer Bank Products allows you to collect your tax prep fees out of your cutomers refund.

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Convenient Solutions For Your Tax Business

With Bank Products streamlining, the refund process helps you stand out in the market and win over customers with a completely hassle-free experience.

Build strong relationships with your customers and add a professional touch to your services by offering convenient ways to receive tax refunds.

Create a loyal customer base with the help of our team here at National Tax Office and take your tax business to a new level!

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Issue Refund Checks or Debit Cards

With the help of our banking partners, you are able to print Refund Checks and issue Debit Cards on-site, eliminating the wait time. Reduce your customers to just one office visit by issuing Debit Cards.

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Collecting Your easy

Refund Transfer Bank Products allow your customers to pay your tax preparation fees from their tax refund, so you never have to leave money on the table.

The process is very straightforward:
First, Your customer(s) will select the disbursement method.
There are three popular options -
1. Direct Deposit
2. Check
3. Debit Card

Second, you will enter the fee that you want to charge in your software, and that's it! Once the IRS funds the tax refund, the authorized fees are deducted and the remaining refund is disbursed to your customer(s) via the disbursement method chosen.

Refund process

Our Banking Partners Refund Advantage SBTPG Refundo Republic Bank

Integrated Bank Products

Choose from any of the industry's leading refund transfer banks and start collecting your fees from your customer's refund.

Offer Cash Advance

Attract more customers by offering cash advances as soon as January 2nd.


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