Avoiding Fraud As A Tax Preparer

The Importance Of IRS Registration & How NTO Can Help

There has been a steep and apparent rise in the number of fraudulent tax filings, raising questions and concerns for people across the nation. Many are wondering what qualifies as “fraud,” and what steps they should take to avoid it.

What Counts As Tax Fraud?

Chances are you’ve heard countless stories of tax fraud over the years. The well-known horror of an audit evokes thoughts of scams, made-up deductions, falsifying income, and other methods of reducing taxes in unscrupulous ways. As long as you don’t fudge any numbers or lose any paperwork you’re safe, right? Wrong.

While it’s perfectly legal for a person to voluntarily prepare the tax return for someone else, a PTIN is required if compensation is given in return for the work. Parents may legally file for their children, and a neighbor may help someone complete their return, but if the preparing party is paid for their work, they are required to register as a preparer with the IRS.

How Do I get A PTIN & EFIN?

National Tax Office can help you register with the IRS, file for a PTIN, and complete all necessary training to professionally file tax returns. By registering with the IRS you are protecting yourself, and, more importantly, your clients from fraud.

Filing returns can be a profitable business for you, and a relief for many of your clients. Teaming up with National Tax Office give you access to tremendous resources and support, and together we can minimize the chances of fraudulent returns!

­Become A Legal, Registered Preparer With NTO

With relatively short training, and our assistance, you can become a legal, registered professional tax preparer without a huge investment of time or money. As the saying goes, there are billions of dollars for American’s to get back each year and you have the opportunity to grow your share far beyond your personal return. Help others maximize their savings and avoid unknowingly hiring a fraudulent preparer, get started with National Tax Office today!