Service Bureau

Co-brand your software and start earning Service Bureau fees instead of paying them.

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Branded Software dashboard

Branded Software

Match everyting to your Brand and Style. Get your own Software with a custom link and add your logo.

Help other Tax Pros by selling the software at discounted price.

Hassle Free Demo, Give out demo link to potential clients and let them create a demo account.

Back-end Birds-eye view

Access all of your offices from an exclusive back-end service bureau login.

On-board, set up, and activate new office licenses directly from your account hub.

Review each return with your company wide review que that helps streamline your filing process.

Run company wide or individual office reports to gain insight of your company in minutes.

All The Data
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Revenue Generator

Generate revenue in multiple ways and keep 100% of all add-on fees.

Charge Service Bureau Fees to other tax pros and get paid from each of their funded bank products.

Offer and/or add-on fees to the Audit Protection that comes built in to your software.

Offer and/or add-on fees to the Identity Protection that comes built in to your software.

Best-kept Secret of the Tax Industry‚Äč

In short...

  • Any Tax Pro can become a Service Bureau

  • Get your own Branded Tax Software

  • Help other Tax Pros by selling the software at a discounted price.

  • Earn extra Revenue from their Funded Bank Products.

  • Keep 100% of your add-on fees and Service Bureau fees


Our Banking Partners Refund Advantage SBTPG Refundo Republic Bank |

Integrated Bank Products

Choose from any of the industry's leading refund transfer banks and start collecting your fees from your customer's refund.

Offer Cash Advance

Attract more customers by offering cash advances as soon as January 2nd.


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