How Diet Affects Your Work

Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity, and if you fit this description, we’ll bet you’ve read countless books, articles, and blog posts on the newest way to enhance your work output. But while you may be up to your eyeballs in time tracking systems and organization tools, there’s one productivity hack we bet you’re not considering: your food.

More Than Just Fuel

For most of us – particularly busy workaholics – food is just fuel. We prepare it (or, more likely, purchase it) and eat it as quickly as we can, eager to get our midday fix and get on back to work. But that’s a flawed analogy, because food gives us more than just energy. Food is literally how the body creates itself on a continual basis, and this constant process of remaking has a big impact on our productivity.

All food is eventually metabolized into glucose, which our brains and cells burn to create energy and keep going. But that metabolizing happens at different rates. For high carb foods, it happens all at once, giving us a boost of energy followed by a crash. For high fat foods, it’s more of a slow burn – but they make our digestive tract work harder, leading to lower brain oxygen levels and a feeling of grogginess. Healthier foods with more lean protein and omega-3 fats lend themselves to a sustained, well-timed release of energy, leaving you motivated, curious, engaged, and productive throughout the entire day.

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