Come tax time your customers are being messaged nonstop by your competitors via T.V, radio, and even social media feeds. The only thing better than that is sending a personalized text message. It’s an affordable and effective strategy to reach your customers wherever they are.  

When you are evaluating your communication options, consider this:

90% of all text messages are read within three minutes of their delivery.  

Texting is direct and is more likely to be noticed.

Texting customers is less invasive, and customers are more likely to reply.

Texting can give you better exposure than Social Media

Texting can be done from anywhere. (Convenience is the key)

Texting is used by most demographics.

Most importantly… It can reduce your marketing costs… you can start messaging your customers now as long as you have a cell phone you are good to go. You can also sign up with a text message marketing company for a small fee which will let you send personalized text messages to all your customers in bulk. Companies like Netflix and Dell are now using text messages to communicate with their customers. Netflix uses text messages to reduce the load on their customer support team for password reset and Dell generates more online sales by keeping customers notified through text messages.

Large and small businesses, from all industries, have implemented text messages into their marketing strategy to make the most of this opportunity. So, what are you waiting for?