• NTO Service Bureau

Service Bureau Package

NTO Service Bureau package is designed with experienced EROs in mind. This enhanced package is ideal for EROs who are looking to start and/or expand to multi-location tax businesses set up with their own brand. This package offers tax professionals with unique back-end bird-eye views to their all locations to help them with streamlining their filing process. 

The Service Bureau model is one of the best-kept secrets of the tax industry. You are simply providing tax software to tax professionals, and you’re earning revenue in more ways than one.

Our Service Bureau Package allows you to Co-brand your software and build rebates by adding additional fees to your bank product returns which are paid out to you as a summer bonus.

Start earning Service Bureau fees instead of paying them.

Here’s what you probably didn’t know:

  • Any Tax pro can become a Service Bureau
  • You get your own branded tax software
  • You can help other tax pros by selling the software at a discounted price
  • You earn extra revenue from their funded bank products
  • You keep 100% of your add-on fees
  • You keep 100% of your Service Bureau fees
  • and much more

At NTO everything we do is with our Service Bureau affiliates in mind. Our approach to software development, back-end for multi-office management, price structure, co-branding, and even technical support are all focused on creating value for our Service Bureau Affiliates.

NTO Service Bureau Software Perks

  • Professional web-based software 
  • All 50 states included
  • Current & 4 prior years included
  • Convert full software to the Spanish language
  • Ability to jump between “Interview Mode” or “Direct Input”
  • Back-end web reporting for multi-office service bureau
  • Office level web reporting
  • Individual training on our professional software
  • Reliable electronic record storage and year-around IT support
  • Lower Bank Product Cost
  • Option to add-on fees 
  • Rebates on Bank Product
  • Professional market analysis
  • Professional client intake forms

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