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Mobile App For Your Tax Office

There are many benefits to starting a virtual tax business. One of the main reasons is that it is much cheaper than opening a brick-and-mortar office. You also have more freedom in terms of where you work from and what hours you work. Also, Tax preparers are in very high demand as the complexity of tax law continues to grow. As a result, many people need help with their taxes.

The downside to running a virtual tax business is that there are some limitations when it comes to the services offered. This is where technology comes in. Our brandable mobile app lets your customers send their tax documents from anywhere.

As we look at what the coronavirus has done, you can’t help thinking about your own tax business. You might have lost money because of the quarantines, and some won’t recover from it. For people who did manage, how do you plan on protecting yourself from something similar happening again? Perhaps it’s a bit extreme, but you should always be prepared for the unexpected.

This article will explore one of the best tools – the” Taxes to go mobile app” that can help launch your virtual tax business or add significant value to your existing brick-and-mortar tax office.

Branded Mobile App For Your Tax Office

Your virtual tax business can be an extension of your tax office. You’ll be able to add any customizations you’d like, including your office name and logo. We’re committed to helping you showcase your brand in an original way, so you can make sure your tax business stands out from the crowd.

Sharing Your App

Any encounter that you have is a potential customer. With our mobile app, you aren’t limited to foot traffic anymore. You can reach any market across the country; there is really no end to the number of customers you can attract.

Simply share the branded custom link to your mobile app with your potential customers, and they will complete a web form with their basic information. Once they complete the web form, they will receive an SMS text with a link to be able to download your branded mobile app.

Driver Lisence & Selfie

We wanted to decrease the amount of work from your customers and make the experience more enjoyable. By scanning their license, they can pre-fill most of the personal data.

On top of the added encryption, we also wanted to add more security so you, as the tax return preparer, can verify that the person submitting the documents is the customer. So we added Selfie to the process. So once your customer uploads their driver’s license, the app will ask them to take a selfie.

Scan Documents & E-signature

Your customers can simply snap a picture of their tax documents and upload them in the app. Once they submit all the information in the app, you will be able to view them in your tax software. From here, you can work on completing their tax return.
Once you are done with the tax return, you can request a signature from your tax software, and your customers will be able to review their tax returns and sign the tax return directly from the app.

How to Video

Click the link below to watch the video on our taxes-to-go mobile app. You can also share the video link with your customers to help them navigate the app. You can also visit to learn more about the app.