The CPA Myth & Why You Don’t Need An Accounting Degree To Prepare Taxes!

Starting a business is a dream shared by countless American’s, and few opportunities offer the stability and return as a professional tax preparation business. Every year hundreds of millions of Americans seek the help of a professional to save time and money, creating incredible demand for those with the knowledge and skills to properly file a completed tax return. The biggest myth in this process is that filing taxes professionally requires an accounting degree, and can only be performed by a CPA.

Do You Need A College Degree?

Filing taxes professionally requires many things, from patience to a comfort with numbers, but it does not require a college education. Contrary to popular belief, taxes are not really an accounting subject, but actually qualify more as a law study, if anything.

While some training will be required, and you will be asked to take a competency exam, the requirements are relatively small for someone who is interested in starting their own business and has time for some studying. With the right training materials and support you can be on your way to a successful career in no time!

This doesn’t mean an accounting or similar degree would hurt, however, and you are absolutely encouraged to explore higher education, and to increase your understanding and confidence with even the most complex tax concepts. Fortunately, though, they are by no means requirements, even for the most successful tax preparers.

Do I need To Take The CPA Exam?

A CPA is able to perform a number of accounting responsibilities, including estate planning, financial analysis, and corporate governance. While filing taxes certainly qualifies as a service provided by CPAs, it is not an exclusive practice and can be undertaken by almost anyone. Basic understanding of tax requirements and laws are important, and as we have mentioned, some training, it is far less stringent than becoming a CPA.

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