Pro Package

NTO ERO Pro is our most popular package designed with an experienced ERO in mind. This enhanced package is ideal for entrepreneurs who have already established a tax business and looking for better pricing on tax software and bank product returns.

Regardless of your business size or needs our ERO Pro package will provide you with all the tools you need to run a successful tax preparation business.

In this Pro package, affiliates are responsible for reviewing their own tax returns and e-filing it directly with the IRS.

No Revenue Split – Affiliate’s keep 100% Tax Preparation Fee

NTO Pro Package Perks

  • Renowned web-based tax software 
  • All 50 states included
  • Current & 4 prior tax years included
  • Quick refund estimator
  • Web reporting
  • Convert full software to the Spanish language 
  • Ability to jump between “Interview Mode” or “Direct Input”
  • Individual training on our professional software
  • Reliable electronic record storage and year-round IT support
  • Live tax support
  • Bank Products
  • Professional market analysis
  • Professional intake forms
  • Market Analysis Report
  • Access to customizable marketing and promotional materials
    (additional costs may apply)
  • And much more

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From managing daily business operations and expanding your client base to finding the perfect location for your new office, let our industry experts help you start a tax prep business that will flourish. To learn more about our program options, contact us today, and let’s get started!

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