• NTO ERO Plus

Plus Package

NTO ERO Plus is designed for the new ERO (Electronic Return Originator) or existing ERO who may need extra guidance and support. Whether you need help training your preparers, picking your bank product options, or marketing your business whatever your goal may be NTO can help you by being the back-office support that your business need.

ERO Plus package includes a back-office review of each return that you prepare. So, you can be at ease knowing that each return is reviewed before submitting it to the IRS.

80/20 Revenue Split on Tax Preparation Fee;
in affiliate’s favor

NTO Plus Package Perks

  • Assistance with IRS registrations: PTIN & EFIN applications
  • State of the art Web-based Tax Software
  • All 50 states included
  • Current & 4 Years prior tax years included
  • Professional Intake forms
  • One-on-One Software training & Webinars
  • Each Tax Return Reviewed to ensure IRS compliance
  • Year-around Live agent Software support
  • Reliable electronic record storage
  • One-click English to Spanish Conversion
  • Refund Transfer Bank products which will allow you to debit your tax prep fees out of your client’s tax refund
  • Print checks and issue debit cards on-site
  • Tax Business Market Analysis Report
  • Access to customizable marketing and promotional materials available for purchase

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