Now, you don’t have to purchase a signature pad. With our software, your customers can sign with their finger on touchscreen-enabled devices or with the mouse of your computer. Simply click the “sign: button, customer signs, and save. It’s really that easy!

Document Manager

The goal of our paperless office is to increase efficiency and reduce your cost. We understand that keeping up with your customers’ files can not only be time-consuming, but it can also increase your liability. With our document manager, you can scan and store all the documents electronically and not have to worry about keeping up with your customers’ files. You can upload each document to the specific customer that it belongs too. If you are working from a tablet or smartphone you can actually take a picture and upload it directly to the software. Being that our software is 100% web-based, all the documents are stored on our servers and you can access them from anywhere.  

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