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Keeping It Cool: A Successful Supervisor’s Guide To Handling Difficult Conversations

Across every industry and workplace, an unavoidable part of every job is dealing with people. And, while standard employees can get away with limiting the intensity of their workplace interactions to the superficial talk at the water cooler, supervisors must often be the hosts of many kinds of difficult conversations.

5 Characteristics Necessary To Start A Business

Every success story is different, but it takes a special kind of person start and run a successful business, someone who’s a step ahead.  But what is it that gives them this advantage that they need?  When looking at those who have found success, there are common characteristics that they all share, which provide with […]

Celebrating Entrepreneurial Women

How Moms and Women Can Start Their Own Business in Honor of Mother’s Day Following Mother’s Day, there is no better way for women to honor the occasion than by becoming entrepreneurs and starting their own successful businesses. Although there are many different careers women can choose to pursue, tax preparation is currently a booming […]

To Splurge Or To Save

5 Popular Ways People Spend Their Tax Refunds Every year, people across the United States are faced with an extremely difficult decision: should they save their tax refund money or spend it on something they have always wanted? Even individuals with the best intentions of saving their money sometimes change their minds once they hold […]

What Do Our Taxes Actually Pay For?

Your Tax Dollars, Hard At Work Every year Americans work diligently to minimize their tax liability to the federal government, hoping for a significant return and some extra spending money. With billions of dollars being funneled through the IRS each year, many people often wonder what government programs are being supported by their hard earned […]

Avoiding Fraud As A Tax Preparer

The Importance Of IRS Registration & How NTO Can Help There has been a steep and apparent rise in the number of fraudulent tax filings, raising questions and concerns for people across the nation. Many are wondering what qualifies as “fraud,” and what steps they should take to avoid it. What Counts As Tax Fraud? […]

Who Uses Tax Preparers?

Don’t Most People File Their Own Taxes? While it’s true that many people will prepare and file their own taxes, more than half of Americans still rely on professional assistance. Many of those who file themselves are also unaware of the savings they are missing, and may believe that it is not worth the cost […]

Beat The Tax Rush!

Filing Early? Take Advantage Of The Extra Time! April 15 is approaching quickly, and millions of Americans will soon be searching for a tax professional to assist them with this year’s filing. Instead of paying someone else, year after year, to prepare and file your taxes, shouldn’t you be the one getting paid? Tax preparation […]

The CPA Myth & Why You Don’t Need An Accounting Degree To Prepare Taxes!

Starting a business is a dream shared by countless American’s, and few opportunities offer the stability and return as a professional tax preparation business. Every year hundreds of millions of Americans seek the help of a professional to save time and money, creating incredible demand for those with the knowledge and skills to properly file […]

ACA Penalties: Will Obamacare Affect Your Clients?

The Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, has changed the way millions of Americans receive health care coverage. This sweeping legislation has undoubtedly helped many gain coverage, but there are still several million people without coverage. Beginning in 2014, those who fail to acquire coverage are subject to a tax based penalty under most […]

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